Embrace a new dawn.

At Aurore we strive to improve the quality of life for people everywhere by creating exceptional natural skincare.

Over 1 million Cambodians have migrated to work in other Southeast Asian Countries in pursuit of economic opportunities. Many people travel illegally with brokers, which makes them vulnerable to exploitation and human trafficking. It is our firm stance that everyone deserves to live a dignified life, free from oppression, which is why we’re creating skincare for humanity.

Our standards for quality are evident in every facet of our operations from seed to shelf.

Aurore is developing a unique, natural skincare line, derived from powerful raw ingredients native to Cambodia that revive and rejuvenate the skin. Our company is committed to creating safe, effective and natural skincare products that are free of chemicals, parabens, synthetics, and other toxins.

We work directly with anti-trafficking organizations in Cambodia to create economic opportunity for vulnerable communities through integration in our supply chain.

Our company sources our natural ingredients through farming cooperatives that employ survivors of human trafficking and those at-risk. It is our mission to disrupt the cycle of poverty that fuels human trafficking and to support these individuals and their families as they rebuild their lives.

Our business model is founded upon our investment in the communities we serve.

Aurore uses a bottom-up approach to management to promote co-creation and to encourage individual development and growth for the people we seek to empower. Not only do we provide economic opportunity for trafficking survivors and at-risk individuals, but we also invest in vocational skills training for these women and men.

It is our hope that Aurore will offer stability for people like Arun who are recovering from challenging situations and inspire these individuals to start their own businesses when they’re back on their feet.


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